The following was posted on LGF this weekend. Take a good look at these photos. Read the posters carefully. Beirut? Damascus? No. Try NYC ! If you visit LGF you will see similar photos from cities all over the world.

Terror Supporters in New York City:

A Reuters photographer was at the pro-Hizballah demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in New York City on July 18. We know this because Reuters published one photo of the posters and signs at the event—this one:

Only in free western nations can such demonstrations take place. Rest assured an anti Islamic demonstration in Tehran would be met by swift decapitation. Wake up America. The 7th Crusade has already begun. Washington politicians must stop their partisan politics and demand that Hezboulah return the kidnapped soldiers or be met by the full rath of the Israeli armed forces. U.N. out of the USA! Deported to Damascus where it belongs.

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