Gov. Corzine (D) has just announced, at 10AM EDT on New Jersey Network that last evening he signed an executive order to shut down the government in the State of New Jersey effective today, July 1st, 2006. This order will effect 45,000 state jobs AND impact the entire Atlantic City casino industry which has already filed a lawsuit.

Reason? No state budget. Democratic infighting in the state legislature and the ineffectual leadership of this Governer to broker a compromise in the months leading up to the deadline of July 1st, has resulted in his unilateral decision to furlough 45,000 workers to force his own democratic party to reach an agreement.

The politcal ramifications of this action will be severe in the fall elections within the state. The governer cites the State Consitution as the reason for his actions. A major cop out, since previous governers have extended the deadline in past years in order to avoid negative impact to citizens. But when asked why the budget could not be brokered properly and a “stopping of the clock” enacted, he stated that “stopping the clock does not really stop time” and skirted any response that pointed to his inability to see middle ground with this legislature. In effect using the citizens of the state collectively as a bargianing chip to pressure politcal opponents in his own party into submission! The N.J. State Senate and House are currently controlled by the Democratic party.

Question: Is this a preview of how the Nation would be run if the Executive and Legislative branches of our National government were to become controlled by Democrats?

More on this interesting breaking story is sure to follow today in the main stream media….