Mel Gibson has casted himself in a new full length motion picture as covered by satirist Scott Ott.

2006-07-29) “Police in Malibu, California, got a rare treat this week when they encountered Passion of the Christ producer-director Mel Gibson as he prepared for his next “?dead language”? film.

Delivering his lines in a slurred dialect of anti-Semitic (?a language spoken only by a primitive tribe of amateur linguists)? Mr. Gibson gave the officers a preview of coming attractions for his new film Nosedive, which chronicles the downfall of an immensely popular actor and filmmaker following a drunken public outburst.

“He stayed in character the whole time,”? said one unnamed officer, who played along with Mr. Gibson’?s act by arresting and booking him, then releasing him on bond. “?He’?s an amazingly versatile actor. When I saw him in Braveheart I believed he was a Scottish warrior-poet, and the other night, I really believed that he was a drunken anti-Semite.”?

A spokesman for Mr. Gibson’?s production company said the new film will include no subtitles.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

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