WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Syria’s ambassador to the United States urged Washington on Thursday to impose restraint on its ally Israel and push for the resumption of peace talks amid escalating violence in the Middle East.

“I think the only solution is for the United States to play the role it used to play in the past and to undertake its responsibilities as a superpower and to impose on its ally Israel, restraint,” Ambassador Imad Moustapha said in an interview on CNN.

“Israel is trying to escalate a situation, the tension in the region. We have to call for restraint.”

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Israel earlier on Thursday to exercise restraint in its attacks against Lebanese targets and demanded Syria press Hizbollah guerrillas to stop attacking Israel. More…

What a joke. Now they want restraint after provoking and inciting the kidnapings and increased violence after the “Hamas” election. The entire Arab workd recognizes that Iran and Syria have been making every covert effort to undermine the fragile democracy in Lebanon. Drawing Israel into direct conflict was obviously their goal.

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