Gateway Pundit:

Gustavo Coronel at Venezuela Today has proof that Hezbollah is working openly with the tribe of the Wayuu on the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula:

They are indoctrinating the members of this tribe, to convert them into Islamic fanatics in charge of disseminating the terrorist message that has already created chaos, death and misery in the Middle East.

The Hezbollah group invading Venezuela is doing its work openly in the Venezuelan side of the Guajira Peninsula. They are disseminating, via Internet, a strategy “to change Venezuela,” including:

* Total destruction “of the sex industry” (whatever that means),

* Attacking the upper classes, “who are the most corrupt,” all white-collar criminals and continuing the cleaning downwards,

* Attacking corruption in government (not such a bad idea) and in the masses, both civilians and military,

* Attacking false idols and satanic cults, as defined by them.

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