More outrage over the Pope’s comments calling for his beheading!!! Recall that the “Holy War” aka “Jihad” had already been declared upon all faiths Jews, Christians, Hindu, by the Jihadists. Islam might be better characterized as Michelle Milkin puts it “The Religion of Perpetual Outrage” ! Recall all this hoopla was the result of his pointing out that the fundamental precepts of Islam and Jihad was “conversion by use of the sword”. The world’s dhimitudes remain in a state of suspended animation as it looks for deeper holes for which to bury their heads.

The script in red calls for the Pope’s beheading. The rest of the translation:

“Swine and servant of the cross, worships a monkey on a cross, hateful evil man, stoned Satan, may Allah curse him, blood-sucking vampire.”

You won’t see this run in the New York time! This is a photo that is circulating in AlQuaeda friendly chat rooms and web sites!!

Meanwhile, reporters bend over backwards to downplay any possibility that practitioners of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage had anything to do with yesterday’s church bombings in Gaza:

Excerpt from the Jerusalem Post:

A small explosion caused minor damage Friday in a courtyard outside a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City, church workers said. The early morning blast appeared to have been caused by a small, homemade explosive device, which damaged a door and caused minor damage to the floor and walls, church workers said. No one was wounded.

A second explosion hit the church hours later and a concussion grenade was thrown near the church in the afternoon. Neither of those blasts caused any damage, but church officials worried that the attacks were retaliation for remarks that Pope Benedict XVI made Tuesday that angered Muslims.

“This is the first time this has ever happened to our church,” said the church’s priest, Rev. Artinious Alexious. “We don’t know why they have done this. We are Greek Orthodox and have no relation to the Pope.” — The Jerusalem Post

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