Have you registered your blog with BlogMad yet? If not, you might consider it but along with the other excellent services you see promoted on this site. BlogMad is rapidly growing and you may also want to be in on the ground floor! They offer a unique experiance to bloggers unlike any other you might have experianced on the web and they also have one of the best surfing : credit ratios around. By many estimates, BlogMadness may be giving BlogExplosion a run for it’s money! Some reports claim BlogExplosion may be a bit concerned discouraging discussion of the new service at their site. We doubt this is the case but we ask our readers to share any factual information they may have on these allegations. It does not seem to be BlogExplosion’s style to restrict competition in their space.

Beside the usual host of options you are accustomed to from all the other blog surfing / traffic enhancement services, they allow you to use your earned credits in novel ways. If you want to find out more register and check them out. We did and it has been worth it for the extra traffic! Especially as some of the other services seem to be going belly up!!

If you are a member of the BlogMad service and would like to provide feedback, or feedback on any other service in general, feel free to share your thoughts in our comment section to this post. We still love and promote BlogExplosion as they REMAIN the top surfing:credit service on the web today in our opinion!!

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