Clearly seeing a market niche, enterprising Iranian business men have created a new concept in mob outrage technology. Combo Mob Rage Burning Flags. These flags are specially designed with the enraged protester in mind. Made of the finest petrol absorbant fibers, these flags are guaranteed to light and stay lit once dowsed with the proper amount of flame accelerant. Lighter fluid, or camel fat, can also used so as to lower the risk of spilling large amounts of gasoline on any innocent by standers.

The design of the new flags represent a reflection of the efficiency of the radical Islamic culture and their concern about the environment. Why purchase and burn three flags when you can burn one!

Truely an example of yet another significant contribution to mankind from that part of the world brought to you by the Religion of Perpetual Outrage. Ranking near the top with othersignificant social advances such as efficient body disposal, and perfecting the art of minimizing blood damage to expensive carpeting, this new advance in mob outrage technology has patents pending. Beware of imitations!

Hat tip: lgf for the photo

AFP/Photo Behrouz Mehri:

Iranian demonstrators burn a combo flag of the US, Britain and Israel during a demonstration to condemn Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on Islam and violence, after the weekly Friday prayers at Tehran University. Several hundred demonstrators have protested against remarks by Benedict on Islam and violence, torching flags and urging the pontiff to make an emphatic apology for his comments.(AFP/Behrouz Mehri)

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