UDPATE — Sept. 13: From The Boston Herald: Letter across the divide by Jules Crittenden.

But enough about me.Some questions for you: Do you actually think our own president is a greater menace to world peace and stability than our opponents would be with nuclear weapons?Are we to accept the word of tyrants that they were well-intentioned and not engaged in weapons programs when all the evidence has convinced our leaders and intelligence agencies that they are?

Before you bite off our heads. That poor “Jackass” in the middle is really a victim of sorts… not necessarily a snake but perhaps more likely an ostrich. We sometimes wonder if those political blinders don’t often morph into blindfolds from time to time? For sure political aspirations require them to be there lest the Jackass, god forbid, actually begins to collaborate and work with the other side’s plans against world terror. Instead many of those lovable “Jackasses” are beginning to fall into a dangerous trap. Some are beginning to believe that old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” especially in time for the bigger war that is on their minds in November.

This is the great American Achilles heel and sadly to say these Snakes on the Subway know how to play our politicians and our political system like a fiddle. They ironically rely on our sustained internal political conflict to defeat the spirit and commitment of the American people and their leaders to fight this war head on hoping instead to have us accept an appeasement party to solve the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism. Buying them all the time in the world, procreating as many “Baby Snakes(sorry Frank Zappa R.I.P.) as they can until one day we will all wake up and say, “Oh Shit! Why didn’t the world get together to stop this when we had the chance?” Our two party system is ironically becoming our Achilles heel, and they know it! Maybe we need a third party of INDEPENDENT THINKERS made up of thought leaders from both parties that can come together in the middle and unite this nation once again! — ZZ

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