It’s time to begin to boycott the products advertised on the Imus in the Morning Toilet Show. We think it’s also time that this washed up fool of a radio personality is given his walking papers by the advertisers and network that fund his show. Money talks. No political guest in their right mind will want to be interviewed on that show now. One must question to what extent his “comedy” was based on a complete lack of RESPECT for those kids, black women, and perhaps even women in general. What was funny about the comments clearly beats me… it was hurtful and hateful. Is there a double standard out there regarding the use of black subculture language? Perhaps, but it’s no excuse for the absolute lack of respect for these kids who were NOT fair game, black or white. They were NOT celebraties, public figures, entertainers etc. He is a liability for the network he is on and frankly crossed the line from “free speech” to slander. He has gone too far this time and it’s about time and ironic that his act and his “art” has created his own undoing. He has made his bed, he should now lie in it. R.I.P. “The Imus in the Toilet Show”… — ed

(CNN) — Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer spoke Tuesday about radio commentator Don Imus’ remarks about her team. This is a partial transcript of her speech:

They are young ladies of class, distinction. They are articulate, they are brilliant, they are gifted. They are God’s representatives in every sense of the word.

You see, what you don’t realize, perhaps some of you don’t realize, that less than a year ago, five of these young ladies were preparing to graduate from high school.

There are five freshmen here. And as they prepared to graduate from high school, they thought about what great opportunity they were going to have to come to Rutgers University and get an education, and play at the highest levels. That’s what they thought.

And before you know it, less than a year, they found themselves on the national stage playing for the world to see, basketball at its highest level, and which, I might add, that this freshman class has over a 3.0 grade-point average.

This group of young, innocent women are bright, gifted, hard-working, and they have persevered through much. More…