ScrappleFace » Bush Suggests More Targets for Congressional Probes:

(SATIRE) — White House sources say President George Bush has given Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi a list of administration officials who would make good targets for Congressional probes as part of Mr. Bush’s strategy to keep Democrats preoccupied with investigations and thus distracted from implementing their legislative agenda.

The news of the Bush strategy comes as Congressional committees have called for additional testimony from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the pre-Iraq War claim that Saddam Hussein sought uranium from Niger, and from Justice Department deputy Monica Goodling, over claims that the Bush administration fired eight political appointees for political reasons.

Unnamed administration sources say the president is “pleased as punch” with the way ongoing probes of his appointees have delayed implementation of the Democrats’ “tax and spend agenda.”

“George Bush is already shaping up to be the most effective lame duck president in American history,” said one unnamed source. “Who would have thought it could be so easy to stymie the Democrats. It reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope tactic.””