Will the real Iran please step forward! Just when you were thinking, hey, they’re not such bad guys. Maybe their government is fairly magnanimous letting those 15 British military personnel who decided to invade Iran on their own return to England. Right? Wrong… Here is a peek at Shari’a law, the underpinning of the Iranian Islamic constitution following this story of Iranian public amputations. You won’t see this covered on CNN, MSNBC or FOX News….

(Iran) Thief’s Hand Amputated in Public in Iran: “The reformist website Rooz reported on April 5, 2007 that the Friday prayer leader of Shiraz, a city in the heart of Iran, had called for more public punishments, as prescribed by “hudud,” Islamic penal law.
(Photo on left from public amputation traditions in 1950)

After a convicted thief’s hand was amputated in public in Kermanshah, Ayatollah Mohiyeddin Shirazi, an appointee of the supreme leader of Iran, criticized the halting of public punishments, and added, “Those who say that practices like amputating hands belong to the past are themselves part of the past.” He also claimed that imprisonment had no effect “on educating criminals and reducing crime.” …

Kermanshah judiciary head Allahyar Malekshahi promised more amputations in the future and said that citizens had requested the public amputation.

(photo on the right depicts Shari’a amputation justice in Somolia)

According to Rooz, following the punishment Malekshahi told IRNA that the punishment had been approved by Iran’s Supreme Court. He added that if thieves “don’t want their hands cut off, they should stop stealing.” Also, the Etemad daily quoted Kermanshah’s governor as saying that carrying out hudud in public “has a visible effect on controlling the crime rate.””

Just think about these people with nuclear and biological weapons capabilities! Middle East Info.org shares more of the radical religious horror from the Islamic Shari’a religion of peace. Any wonder why Israel is feeling more insecure with each passing day? The rest of the West should sit up and take note… Time for regime change in Iran??? World…. WAKE UP !!! — Hat Tip: LGF