Common sense from a French Foreign Minister? What’s this world coming to? Hamas has contacts with al Qaeda – French minister.

PARIS, July 18 (Reuters) –
Palestinian militant group Hamas has contacts with al Qaeda, French
Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said on Wednesday, adding that this was not the result of Western pressure to isolate the movement.

Kouchner was reacting to comments by Italian Foreign Minister

Massimo D’Alema this week, who said the West’s policy of
isolating Hamas, which seized control of the Gaza Strip last month,
could push it into the arms of al Qaeda.

“I think Hamas did not wait for this extreme situation —

the current terrible situation in Gaza — to have contacts with al
Qaeda. And it would perhaps be too simple to think that we, the international community, are responsible,” Kouchner said.

Wow. A French diplomat who doesn’t toe the standard European

self-loathing appeasement line. Truly, the apocalypse is at hand.