Sen. Hillary R. Clinton (D-NY), who refuses to condemn MoveOn.Org’s full page ad denigrating General Petreus’s reputation, appears to be afraid to speak out against MoveOn.Org in an effort to lead their followers into believing she supports their agenda. In fact, she seems to be taking a page right out of their book by inferring he did not give his own honest assessment of the military situation in Iraq. virtually calling him a liar. Rudy Guiliani, who took out a full page ad in the NYT right after the the distasteful ad was run by MoveOn.Org, fired right between Hillary Clinton eyes for not denouncing MoveOn.Org distasteful smear campaign vocally and publicly.

It appears that MoveOn.Org and Daily Kos may now be in control of the Democratic message to American voters. They certainly seem to be driving the agenda and rhetoric of the Democratic campaign. The candidates themselves do not seem to have the courage to condemn the organization for fear of losing the support of the left. Where is their courage and character? Perhaps they agree with MoveOn.Org’s smear campaign against one of the most decorated Generals in active service? I bet Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is the first candidate to condemn these lunatics, given his courageous comments on Meet the Press last Sunday.

So it appears clear now that the DNC is moving even further to the left since no front running candidate in the Democratic Party has the guts to condemn this outrage. Where are you Howard Dean? How come you are not on the air condemning the ad? Maybe you’re just fine with sitting back and letting them set the tone of your party’s message and do all the dirty work for you? Or is it that you don’t have the guts and don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you ??