Here is one of the more interesting votes on the Senate floor in a good while. A straight up vote on a yes, or no: Do you, or do you not support General Petraeus? Here is some additional information on the vote as covered by John Gibson:

The Party was at it again, flexing its muscle in the U.S. Senate.The issue was a completely symbolic sense of the Senate vote supporting Gen. David Petraeus. It didn’t mention the attack ad against Petraeus but the resolution didn’t have to. Everybody knew what it was about.

This was the Senate’s MoveOn moment, an instant for all of us to see who are Republicans, who are Democrats, and who are members of the MoveOn Party. The resolution passed, because Republicans and a lot of Democrats voted for it.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California — big liberal — she voted yes, and good for her. Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont — an anti-Bushie if there ever was one — he voted for it, too.

But Sen. Hillary Clinton, candidate for commander in chief, she voted no. Sen. Barack Obama, who also wants to command the military, didn’t show up for the vote. Senators Dick Durbin and Carl Levin — big Dems and bit anti-war guys — they voted no. Sen. Harry Reid, the leader of Democrats in the Senate, he also voted no.

Remember what they were voting on: Do you support Gen. Petraeus, yes or no. Simple. Their countrymen were saying sure you support him, why wouldn’t you.

…They have lost and abandoned any hope of using legislation to end the war, so they have to toe the line to ease the pain of their failure….

But made it clear: Don’t you dare, and these Democrats showed where they take their orders from: Eli Pariser and his MoveOn Party.

It’s shocking really. They voted to confirm him in his job as commander in Iraq, and they couldn’t simply say we hope he succeeds and he’s a good man. They didn’t dare, actually. MoveOn is not to be crossed. These senators were afraid.

They are also frustrated. They have lost and abandoned any hope of using legislation to end the war, so they have to toe the line to ease the pain of their failure.

It was a sad moment. It was a simple thing, and Bush was right when he said these politicians are more afraid of annoying MoveOn than insulting our own military. — John Gibson / FN

So, what do we think?…

Hillary is desperately trying to align herself with the far left of her party. Sen. Reid… no surprise there. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)… big surprise. Sen. Pat Leahy (D-VT) not that surprised. These two know over the top when they see it. Even for a pair of “lefties”. The big question: Is Hillary burning her bridges with moderate voters in an effort to get closer to the left than Obama??

Maybe Jesse Jackson will slip a comment in tonight that she is more of a “black woman” than white and give her a leg up with black voters while taking another shot at his apparent charismatic rival Obama? Poor Obama! Looks like he may have to move even further to the left, if that’s even possible, in order to survive Hillary’s MO.Org alignment strategy… Once she has the nomination though, listen for that sucking sound back to the center again ! – zz