(WASHINGTON) — As Congress considers an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), New York Sen. Charles Schumer today said the Democratic party’s goal is eventually to provide free health insurance to “every un-aborted child in America regardless of economic or immigration status.”

President George Bush has vowed to veto the $35 billion increase that would guarantee taxpayer funding of insurance coverage for every child whose parents own fewer than three Sport Utility Vehicles, live in a home smaller than 5,000 square feet, or watch cable TV on a screen smaller than 42-inches across.“Bush’s compassionate conservatism apparently ends at the hospital door,” said Sen. Schumer. “It’s ironic that Republican politicians who cozy up to wealthy fat cats when they’re campaigning for office, apparently don’t care about the children of those families when it comes time to provide government-backed medical coverage.”

The New York Democrat said, “Voters will remember next November which party it was that fought for the rights of children…you know, the children who manage to dodge the scalpel for the first nine months. Voters know that Democrats own ‘compassion’.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

Scott has really called a spade a spade here. The levels of hypocrisy coming out of Washington are reaching an all time high. The Democrats have cleverly re-engineered a good bill originally designed to provide health care to children of families that can’t afford it, and turned it instead into a political weapon. Shame on them! What did they do? They expanded the coverage to include families of the middle and upper class knowing full well that the President would have to veto it as excessive, thus giving the appearance that the President is denying children health care benefits! Well folks this will backfire. How stupid do the they think the American people are? Also… Just when with the Democrats wake up and realize that George Bush will not be on the ballot next year? Attacking Bush has played itself out my friends. You are all pushing on a string and slicing your own throats in the process… — ZZ