(CARSON CITY) — Officials with the Nevada Democratic Party and CNN today granted a request from Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign that the former First Lady be allowed time during tonight’s presidential debate to deliver rebuttals to any statements she makes with which she disagrees.

The concession, granted only to Sen. Clinton, will help “prevent the debate from becoming a circus in which the reporters ‘play gotcha’ and the other candidates spend the night piling on the presumptive Democrat nominee,” according to a joint statement from the event sponsors issued through the Clinton campaign.

During a recent debate in Philadelphia, Sen. Clinton found herself at odds with her position on granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. However, her campaign felt she didn’t get adequate time to refute her remarks on the issue!

“In all fairness,” said CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who will moderate the Nevada debate, “Sen. Clinton, as the presumptive nominee, should not have to remain silent while one of the candidates mis-characterizes her positions, even if she happens to be that candidate. When that happens, we’ll give her a minute to respond.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace