It occurred to me that if I could ask every blogger one thing, I’d ask them what they were hoping to accomplish with their blogs, and how I – or anyone else – could help them get there.

Now I realize those are tough questions to answer, so I’ve tried to break it down into several questions so that your blog readers can get info to help them help you.

This post is really the start of a meme. If you want to participate, copy the questions below and answer them in your blog, and link back to this post.


1. What do you envision your blog as doing for you? (i.e. are you working on a podcast show you want to get started? Do you just want more friends? Are you aiming to make money? etc.)

2. Where do you think your blog is at now in its state of existence? (i.e. discuss your traffic, or whether you’re doing a good job of interacting with other bloggers, etc.)

3. What has trying to get an audience on the Internet taught you?