Here is a story you won’t see either the MSM or the Democrats putting in front of the general voter population in the U.S. any time soon. It seems that Iraq is forcasted by both the International Monetary Fund and the U.N. to experience significant economic growth in 2008. Here is their explanation for why.

Iraqi oil workers

The IMF sees 7% growth in 2008 and a similar rise next year, and says oil revenues from buoyant exports should be up by 200,000 barrels a day.

The UN envoy to Iraq welcomed dialogs between the Sunni and Shia communities and praised the government’s work.

But analysts warn much depends on rapid progress in the next six to 12 months.

The change in the political mood is largely down to the passing of a law on Saturday, enabling some members of the Baath Party of Saddam Hussain to re-enter the military and bureaucracy, our correspondent says.

They were barred from public service by one of the first acts of the US-run Coalition Provisional Administration.

The law reversing that expulsion, combined with the sharp fall in violence in much of Iraq, has led to greater optimism. — [Hat Tip: BBC]

The U.N. is no supporter of the U.S. or the Bush administration, but even they can’t ignore the fact that the war in Iraq has become mostly a mop up operation. The government there is beginning to form some internal alliances within the splintered political parties and with the possibility of a future with economic prosperity, that may be exactly what is needed.

The real hero appears to be General Petraeus, but let’s NOT FORGET that it was John McCain that called for more troops on the ground LONG BEFORE the “Surge” and criticized Rumsfeld’s handling of the war.