As sad and reprehensible as this may sound, the following news may be a good sign signaling the final acts of desperation by a defeated al Qaida in Iraq. But don’t expect this to be reported on the Main Stream Media. Oh no, that might in fact put additional pressure on the supposedly progressive thinking liberal womens rights groups around the world. Groups like the National Organization for Women (NOW), who were near militant during the late 60’s, would never support what leftists believe is the “right wing’s” war on terror.

By remaining silent, and NOT protesting in the loudest voices possible, the treatment of women by these Neanderthal Islamo-fascist maniacs, they are in fact indirectly supporting the historical war against womens rights in the Middle East by remaining silent.

This information coming our of Iraq now should be an outrage to women’s groups around the world…

(BAGHDAD) — It goes against religious taboos in Iraq to involve women in fighting, but three recent suicide bombings carried out by women could indicate insurgents are growing increasingly desperate.The female suicide attacks come as U.S.-led coalition forces are increasingly catching militants suspected of training women to become human bombs or finding evidence of efforts by al-Qaida in Iraq to recruit women, according to military records.

With coalition forces pushing extremists out of former strongholds and shrinking their pool of potential recruits, the militants are being forced to come up with other methods to penetrate stiffened security measures, said Diaa Rashwan, who follows Islamic militancy for Egypt’s Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies.

“There’s a sense that this is an act of desperation,” said Col. Donald Bacon, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad.

Female suicide bombers are a small part of the insurgents’ battle to force U.S. troops from Iraq and rattle Shiites from newly acquired power. Women have been responsible for 14 of 667 suicide attacks since May 2005, or 2 percent. (They have caused at least 107 deaths, or 5 percent of the 2,065 people killed during this time period, according to Associated Press statistics)

Then there is this additional perspective that makes for an even more interesting strategy by al Qaeda for recruiting male suicide bombers. Would the following be a recruiting campaign message that the women of NOW could feel better about?…

The tightening noose – at least for now – appears to be prompting the militants to turn to women attackers, Rashwan said, noting that extremist Muslim groups use women only when they see no alternative.

“Women should be in the last rows” of fighting, he said. “So to see women (suicide bombers) shows an abnormal situation – the absence of men.”

Because of Muslim cultural sensitivities, women can be excellent candidates for suicide attacks when there are no female security guards. Most Iraqis are conservative Muslims who believe physical contact is forbidden between women and men not related by blood or marriage. As a result, women are often allowed to pass through male-guarded checkpoints without being searched. In October, the U.S. Army trained 20 women to work as security guards in a Baghdad suburb after a female suicide bomber entered a nearby building without being searched…

Although use of women can be a sign of desperation, female suicide bombers also help extremist groups attract male recruits. Militants exploit the image of desperate women fighting because there aren’t enough brave men, taunting would-be male suicide bombers into action— [Hat Tip: AP]