Scott Ott reports on the “fairy tale” comment made by Bill Clinton refering to Barack Obama’s recent rhetoric as the virtual next coming. Hillary has more than she can handle from Barack Obama without her husband adding to her frustrations! She lost her temper during Tim Russert’s questioning this morning on Meet the Press when pressed hard by Russert. Once again showing that she is getting more than a bit frustrated with the frontal assault by Obama and the press at the same time. Scott renders his sarcasm and satirical reporting on the heels of Bill Clinton’s speech…

(WASHINGTON) — As former President Bill Clinton phoned the Rev. Al Sharpton to explain why he has described Sen. Barack Obama’s opposition to the Iraq War as a “fairy tale“, his wife’s presidential campaign moved quickly to capitalize on his remarks.

Sen. Clinton will reportedly hold a news conference next week to decry the lack of African-American characters in fairy tales, and note that her husband was “doing what he could to advance Civil Rights in this arena.”

“Each night, as American children go to bed,” Sen. Clinton will reportedly say, “they hear fantastic tales from which blacks are almost entirely absent. African-American children are made to feel that there’s no place for them in imaginary society. While caucasian children live in blissful ignorance, in a fantasy world that’s lilly, or should I say snow, white.”

Sen. Clinton will promise that, when elected president, she will issue an executive order directing the National Endowment for the Arts to fund composition of fairy tales in which the percentage of “good” African-American characters matches the percentage of blacks in the general population.

She will then order the Department of Education to mandate the use of such “civil righteous fairy tales” in elementary public school curricula. — as reported by satirst Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

LOL — You have to give Scott credit for capturing the spirit of the race. No pun intended.