The New York Times in its everlasting quest to bring you unbiased and relevant news has leaked they are on the cusp of breaking the top weekend story. Here is some inside information from Scott Ott.

(NEW YORK) — Unnamed sources at The New York Times said today that the paper is about to break what could be its first major story about Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama that has nothing to do with race or racism.

If true, an expert at the Columbia School of Journalism said, the Times would be “breaking new ground in the mainstream media coverage of the campaign, and demonstrating that ‘The Gray Lady’ still sets the agenda for other journalists to follow.”

The revelation of the potential non-racial story comes on the heels of…
-> Mr. Obama’s endorsement by the nation’s only Latino governor, Bill Richardson, of New Mexico, and after
-> more than a week of headlines about racially-charged remarks by Sen. Obama’s pastor, followed by
-> the candidate’s Martin Luther King-like speech which faced American racism head on, and after
-> former President Bill Clinton’s suggestion that Sen. Obama won South Carolina because he’s black like Jesse Jackson, and after
-> innumerable stories which mentioned Sen. Obama’s efforts to become the “first black president”, and after
-> extensive coverage of remarks by Clinton supporter Geraldine Ferraro suggesting that Sen. Obama had reached this pinnacle of success because he’s black, and after
-> controversy sparked by the Clinton campaign’s distribution of a photo of her rival dressed in traditional Somali garb, and after
-> another Clinton supporter’s repeated use of Sen. Obama’s middle name, Hussein, and after
-> countless stories about Sen. Obama’s black Kenyan father and white Kansan mother.

Times executive editor Bill Keller could not be reached for comment, but unnamed newsroom sources said the upcoming non-racial story would likely deal with “feminism, sexual orientation or one of the other top issues about which Americans look to their president for leadership.” — as reported by roving satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace