(WASHINGTON) — The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, recently-retired pastor of Sen. Barack Obama’s home church in Chicago, announced that he’s teaming up with the producers of the Veggie Tales children’s videos to promote his own brand of biblical race relations for boys and girls.The pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, has become nationally-known in recent days for a sermon about Jesus of Nazareth — a poor, black man who was oppressed by rich, white people at a time when no one like Sen. Obama was available to rescue Jesus by bringing change to government.The movie, tentatively titled “Jeremiah and the Giant White Turnip”, will use Veggie Tales’ trademark computer-generated vegetable characters to re-tell the story of Jesus and the whole “of Nazareth” family, starting with their early battles against institutional racism in housing policy, when there was “no room at the inn.”

The Rev. Wright will do the voice of a bitter brussels sprout who pleads with God to ‘damn America‘, because Sen. Hillary Clinton has never been disparaged as a black man. — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

Listen and watch the videotape footage below and be prepared to be shocked. This is Obama’s pastor of the church he and Michelle has been attending for 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Any racism noted here? No doubt Michelle’s Obama’s recent comments of only very recently feeling good about America ( referring to he husband’s acceptance among whites as a candidate for the presidency) might in fact reflect some of the good pastor’s beliefs. After listening to the venom coming out of this pastor’s mouth about the “white devil” for years it’s no wonder that she thinks this way. No doubt Obama must subscribe to his perspectives as well or why else would he have been such a loyal member of his congregation for so long?? No, I’m sure he really didn’t believe all those nasty overtones about potential white voters.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for the last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ on Chicago’s south side, has a long history of what even Obama’s campaign aides concede is “inflammatory rhetoric,” including the assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own “terrorism.” — ABC News

Obama… Speak up and condemn the words of your pastor unless of course you agree with him !!

At this link you can hear his pastor Damming America in a clip from ABC News… (not Fox, thats ABC News like in MSM!).

He mocks black Republicans, forgets that Jesus was a Jew describing him as a “black man” while appearing to be anti-Israeli, and spews hatred and venom against white people in the most hateful speech imaginable. Condemning black people who are rich and successful if they are Republicans. Is this the philosophy of change and unity for a new America? How are we to believe that Obama’s true beliefs are not centered around the beliefs of the Pastor, the congregational shepard, of HIS CHOOSING for over 20 years ?? How do we know he is not in fact a wolf is sheep’s clothing with a very hidden agenda? Food for thought…

If Obama has any sense, he will openly and publicly condemn the words of this man in a press conference so that there is NO DOUBT within the black and white community that he does NOT subscribe to the idea that America should be damned. He should, as Hillary Clinton condemned the words of Geraldine Ferraro, condemn the words of Jermiah Wright. But after that he will also need a very good plausible explanation why he and his wife have been consumers of this type of rhetoric for over 20 years!!You can bet these clips and a full montage of him and his pastor, will be widely circulated. His only way out… CONDEMN these words unless of course he believes them and stands by them!!!

If Democrats, black or white, have half a brain they will consider voting for Hillary Clinton just so they have a chance in the national election. Don’t vote for her because she is white or a woman. Vote for her because she is a candidate that at least appears to have more experience in Washington than a two year flamboyant male Senator with mostly rhetoric to show for his record. Discount his ability to speak with sermon like passion just like his pastor. I would be stunned if Obama doesn’t come out with a clear position on explaining why he has been a member of this congregation for 20 years to white voters. It has to be believable and plausible — a tough sell after hearing this. Why would he associated himself with such a person? He should distance himself from this guy as he has been distancing himself from Al Sharpton.

Imagine Colin Powell or Condi Rice on the VP ticket with McCain?? Now wouldn’t that be interesting? Not only a potential black president in the next term but the first black woman! A two fer!! After hearing the disparaging remarks from Rev. Wright on these two outstanding Americans, it would certainly make for an even more interesting dynamic in November. Both of these Americans could run circles around Barack Obama despite what his mentor and his admitted spiritual guide thinks of them. Just take a listen.

American politics… WHAT A MESS !!

Here’s Barack Obama on June 5, 2007, at Hampton University, praising Rev. Jeremiah Wright in such an effusive way that it’s obvious they were personally very close. It strains credulity (snap! was that my credulity breaking?) to maintain that Obama has only recently become aware of Wright’s more “inflammatory” statements.