(GAZA) — Jimmy Carter’s Middle East mission of peace got off to a “promising start“, the former U.S. president said, as he returned today from meeting with prominent Hamas member Nasser al-Shaer, wearing what he called, “a lovely traditional ceremonial vest” that the Nobel laureate received as a gift from Mr. al-Shaer.

Returning to Jerusalem after the session, Mr. Carter toured a crowded marketplace wearing the snug vest which he said “must be made of some kind of expensive, heavy fabric.”

Asked if he planned further talks with Hamas, Mr. Carter said, “Yes. In fact, I expect they’ll call me soon to trigger the next round.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

There is a rumor circulating that Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are planning to team up to convince Hillary Clinton to give up her bid for President. I wonder if he will be wearing his green bandanna when he does it?

Jimmy Carter is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to be meeting with know openly proclaimed murdering terrorists that have killed Americans and Israelis alike. He is suffering from some form of Presidential Stockholm syndrome still living in a time warp when Iran was holding American diplomats hostage in the 70’s and he completely botched their rescue attempt. Guilt abounds.

If Obama has half a brain he will keep his distance from this guy but who knows, maybe Obama will appoint him as an Ambassador to Hamas and Palestine should he make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Especially since Barack says we should have diplomatic relationships with terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezboulah, Iran and Syria and placate them out of a position of fear and weakness. Hillary at least will spit in Carter’s eye… and probably Al Gore’s too for that matter if they both ask her to throw in the towel for the benefit of the “party”.