Seems like the new site owners at RingSurf were very serious when they said they would make major improvements to the old RingSurf webring system. They have moved to a new system that uses a universal navigation bar at the top of you page instead of the conventional < < ? # >> symbols commonly associated with webrings. Great move !

One of the most frustrating aspects for a web or blog ring manager was coaching their members to place the navigation html code somewhere so the NEXT person surfing into that site could find it and remain in the “ring”. The changes made by the RingSurf developers appear to put that concern to bed since their new code does NOT contain antiquated navigation controls everyone has grown used to. Very nice improvement !!!

Members of a ring do not have to have that navigation bar on their sites to navigate to other member sites just a simple button, text link or banner informing visitor of the site’s membership in a particular ring. This change provides a more convenient way to enable a Social Community, or “Collective” as we like to call it at ZZ OpenRing, with minimal disruption to a webmaster’s site design since the visitor does not need to search for the ring code any longer. The NEW html code that is used directs the visitor to the Community Ring List where the visitor can then surf through the entire ring with the Universal Navigation Bar fixed in place at the top of their browser window. Very nice!

ZZ OpenRing has converted to the new format. We will be updating all of our files and servers to better reflect the new RingSurf functionality for you. Stay tuned….