We have searched high and low for what we felt were the Top 5 Hillary Clinton political cartoons of the week. However we need your help in selecting our the Top 3. The underlying theme this week is her strong experience and poise under fire. Ok… Don’t laugh but maybe she is building up to a full frontal assault on Obama’s past associations and complete lack of achievements not to mention his overly far left socialist leanings but that will remain to be seen.

Some of these are the best works of art we have seen from syndicated artists this year!! Tell us what you think and vote below !

Hey Hillary! Time to take the gloves and really go after Obama. Your campaign is much too sweet and nice! Where is that “Blood and Guts” Hillary that we have all come to know and love in Bosnia? You can stop him in his tracks in Pennsylvania and gain some momentum but you have to have the courage to call him out on his past associations and not worry about being PC because of the color of his skin! You have fallen right into his trap!! He’s out flanking you General!


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