Do you get a a sense that if the Iowa Caucus was run again on Tuesday along with North Carolina and Indiana that the result might be quite a bit different? Americans do have a passion for drama and support for the underdog. How much of that passion was at play in the early primaries? Back at the beginning of the primaries, there was no doubt that Barack Obama was the clear underdog and Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the hands down sure thing. If you are honest with yourself there was also an unspoken tension regarding race as a potential differentiator. Thus the MSM did virtually no investigation of Barack’s personal associations for fear of being branded as playing a race card if they were the first to break a negative or controversial story or fact.

Ironically — it was Barack’s own pastor of 20 years that has now opened the lid on the race card pandora’s box. Not the Republicans, not Hillary Clinton or John McCain, but his long time association with a radical black minister who by the way does not represent the value system of mainsteam black Americans. Obama even acknowledges openly that the issue of his judgement for being so closely associated with this pastor IS in fact a fair issue in the campaign.

Sorry Barack, but throwing Rev. Wright under the bus now is a bit late. No matter what transpires within the Democratic National Committee’s smoke filled rooms, no matter what else Howard Dean has to say on Fox News, you have damaged yourself by your own poor judgment and nativity about the impact your past associations will have on your political aspirations. Are we to believe that after 20 years of association with this racist minister, that you have just now received the great awakening and revelation that his value system is not in alignment with your own? If this is really true and you are being honest with us this just reinforces the concern that many Democrats are having that your lack of judgment and experience is a serious Achilles heel in a national election.

Obama’s “Great Race Speech” although lofty and elequent did nothing to answer the fundemantal question as to WHY he remained a member of a congregation that so clearly and joyously reveled in the views of this radical pastor. Barack, the Prophet of Change, has now elected to do what every other belt way politician does, throw him under that same bus seen still dragging his white grandmother from his so called historic race speech.

As a result of all of the doubts that have been raised in the minds of many voters concerning Obama’s true value system and potential integrity issues, Hillary now finds herself with the beloved and sometimes blessed underdog status and with a tailwind. The good voters of North Carolina and Indiana, have the rare chance to shape history by keeping both the drama of the race AND the intellectual debate between Obama and Clinton alive.

American Thinker: Obama’s Trap
Barack Obama set the trap. Then he stepped in it. Or, as Reverend Wright might put it, Barack’s chickens are coming home to roost.

Thus is the effect of the Great Race Speech.

Six weeks ago, Obama’s status as the Messiah was dramatically enhanced for having turned the negative of Reverend Wright into a “much needed” exploration of race in America. So eager was the liberal establishment for confirmation that race is the biggest problem in this country (and that Barack is the solution) that they didn’t see the obvious; they were being deceived by a cynical sleight of hand.

As virtually every intelligent (and honest) pundit noted, along with millions of average Americans, the Wright controversy wasn’t about race. It was about patriotism. Any person seeing those clips said to themselves, “I would never have been part of this man’s church. I’d have gotten up and left.”

It is Barack Obama’s comfort in remaining in an environment that regular folk would have abandoned in an instant that leads to the most intriguing part of the Wright debacle. That choice is the most powerful insight we’ve been given into what kind of man Barack is, and what sort of decision-maker he would be if we decide to give him his first management position…