(INDIANA) — Sen. Barack Obama admitted today that he stopped wearing an American flag lapel pin out of fear that friend and domestic terror group founder William Ayers would “step on my chest.”

The revelation comes after a photo of Mr. Ayers standing on the flag resurfaced from a 2001 article in Chicago Magazine.

“This guy ran the Weather Underground which declared war on the U.S.,” said Sen. Obama, “Bill Ayers conducted a campaign of bombings and riots before he helped me launch my first political campaign. With a resume like that, I’m not about to taunt him by wearing a flag on my lapel. I’d hate to have to explain the footprint to my dry cleaner.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

At 55, Bill Ayers, the notorious sixties radical, still carries a whiff of that rock ‘n’ roll decade: the oversize wire-rim glasses that, in a certain light, reveal themselves as bifocals; a backpack over his shoulder—not some streamlined, chic job, but a funky backpack-of-the-people, complete with a photo button of abolitionist John Brown pinned to one strap.

Yet he is also a man of the moment. For example: There is his cell phone, laid casually on the tabletop of this neighborhood Taylor Street coffee shop, and his passion for double skim lattes. In conversation, he has an immediate, engaging presence; he may not have known you long but, his manner suggests, he’s already fascinated. Then there is his quick laugh and his tendency to punctuate his comments by a tap on your arm.

Overall, it is not easy to imagine him as part of the Weatherman, a group that during the late sixties and early seventies openly called for revolution in America, led a violent rampaging protest in Chicago, and took credit for numerous bombings around the United States. – Chicago Magazine