(TEHRAN) — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his nation’s missile tests this week are part of a previously-secret plan to “Photoshop Israel from the map.” — [Hat Tip: LGF]

Images of the missile tests showed apparently-real, as well as computer-generated duplicates of Shahab missiles, which Iran claims have a range of up to 1,250 miles — long enough to strike Israel — a claim which has since been questioned by Western arms experts.

Mr. Ahmadinejad said that while it may take years to produce actual weapons that could strike “the Zionist state”, Iranian scientists and graphic artists have already demonstrated the ability, using Adobe® technology to “completely obliterate” Israel from the map.

“We can do it at a moments notice,” he said, “Even now I have my finger on the button of a device that can make the borders and all the cities of Israel vanish in seconds.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace