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We are always looking for new authors and satirical reporters who search the web for political stories, satire and cartoons . If you are interested, simply follow these two easy steps:

1. First register here on our site then…

2. Send an email to us at: zardozz(at)gmail(dot)com — Subject: “Author / Reporter Request”

We will get back to your request within 24-48 hrs. Please also be sure to include the url to your website or blog so we can check out your style. Once screened and accepted we will set you up as a contributing author. You will be given site access to submit posts for review prior to our publishing them here at ZardozZ News and Satire.

IMPORTANT: Please check over our site first to be sure your work aligns with our readership and politics… We are a bit right of center as you can tell, still “holding on to our guns and religion” 🙂

Your submitted posts may focus on any current news event, political satire, humor, or any other societal aberration of your choosing. We do believe most politicians provide multiple layers of rich manure in their hidden agendas for you to harvest and cultivate. You will always be free here to call it like you see it exposing any and all of those agendas adding your own personal point of view.

Oh… one more thing… even with all its faults at times, we love America. If you don’t — please don’t bother asking to author here.

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