So here’s an idea that we would like to suggest to John McCain to ponder. Maybe put in his speeches as a specific action for the American people to consider in November as opposed to the nebulous solutions that Obama offers. Couple the Democrat stance on us driving less and reducing consumption and being opposed to ALSO drilling and refining to increasing oil and gasoline capacity AND their simultaneous dislike of the concept of a Guantanamo Bay camp on the island of Cuba, it occurred to us that we might have an opportunity here.

Since Gitmo, as we understand it is a Federal, and not State, controlled territory why not develop the area for a DUAL purpose? Begin the appropriation of funds to initiate construction of a MAJOR oil to gasoline refinery at Quantanomo Bay. Perhaps build one of the largest in the world putting those in the Middle East to shame!


1. Closely located to the Gulf States to reduce transportation costs.

2. It provides a stronger reason for maintaining a security force there and places pressure on Venezuela and Cuba to stay well behaved. Who knows with time it might be an asset that helps democratize Cuba.

3. Protect the assets with the strong military presence already there.

4. Work out deal with China who are already planning to drill off the coast of Cuba and restore an old Russian refinery on the island. (Get in there before they decide to turn Cuba into the next Kuwait)

5. You have a labor pool as well. Put the low risk detainees to work !!

Maybe this sounds too simple, but why not think out of the box and put this land to even better use than it provides today? We do CONTROL that territory don’t we? Why not exploit it? Why not also drill off it’s coastline???

Something to consider anyway…. just thought we would put it out there in case someone running for President with some balls might consider it to help with the issue that we have not built a gasoline refinery in our country for decades, 25 years to be exact!! Here is a low risk place to start! Who would object there that votes in our elections ?? (Unless you consider illegal aliens from Cuba voting illegally for Obama – lol)