The REAL PEOPLE will be more than amply represented this 2nd evening of the DNC convention. Afterall the Huxtables (aka the Obamas) showed how they were real people on day one. We are expected to hear more about the REAL people this evening when one very special “real” person makes her plea to the masses on the convention floor…

(DENVER) — The Democrat National Convention speaker line up will feature a number of “real people” talking about the pain of living in these tough economic times, including an Indiana railroader, a Michigan truck driver, and an ordinary working mother from New York who’s saddled with $24 million in campaign debt.

The woman, who spent that money in an effort to get a better job, saw her hopes and dreams crushed because of sex discrimination in the Democrat party during the Bush administration.

Her husband has no regular paycheck and must often travel hundreds of miles to find work, so the high price of fuel has cut deeply into their monthly budget.

While she has tried to “pull herself up by her own bootstraps” by asking supporters of presidential nominee Barack Obama to pay off her debt, near-recession conditions have kept them from being able to help.

A spokesman for the DNC said, “This story will help TV viewers to see the brutal impact of eight years with a Republican in the White House. Lots of woman will identify with her plight. After all, she’s not the first lady to feel the pain of George Bush’s repressive regime.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

Thanks to Scott Ott for the intriguing insight. Once again proving that some satirists have a sharper pen then any of the so called pundits and “political analyists” in the drive by media.