(DENVER) — Sen. Barack Obama today slammed his Republic opponent John McCain as “a sexist who sees women as subordinate to men and who intentionally puts them in his shadow,” just minutes after Sen. McCain announced he had selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate.

“What could be more denigrating to women?” Sen. Obama asked a crowd of supporters in western Pennsylvania. “I think it’s shameful that Mrs. Palin’s name will always be mentioned after McCain’s and that she’ll earn less money than he will. American women are tired of being put in their place by men — treated as second-class citizens.”

Sen. Obama, who chose an elderly white man name Joe Biden as his running mate rather than his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton, said he avoided picking Mrs. Clinton “to spare her the humiliation that John McCain plans to impose on Sarah Palin.”

“The only way she’ll be able to break into the old-boy network of the presidency,” said Sen. Obama, “is over John McCain’s dead body. McCain is literally the man who stands in her way.” — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace

Scott Ott has managed to capture the irony in the upstaging of the DNC Convention by a woman other than Hillary Clinton. (Secretly we suspect she must have grinned and said to herself “right on sister” when the GOP VP pick was announced.)

You have to give John McCain credit for being a risk taker with guts. Likened to landing a fighter jet on the tossing deck of aircraft carrier at night in the middle of storm. You must admit he has guts and has countered the “inexperianced” factor taking the wind out of the DNC sails while running the risk of dissing white women moderate voters. This combination of Obama / Biden / McCain / Palin should make for some very interesting entertainment between now and November, both on and off the debate stage.