Scott Ott reports on the latest election news emanating from the Obama campaign. It appears that Palin’s pastor at the Wassila Bible Church, which Sarah Palin often frequents, may have also gone on a tirade several weeks ago and has given the Obama camp an opportunity to stick it back in Gov. Palin’s eye. Thanks for the insightful reporting Scott. We need you on the campaign trail hunting down these stories now more than ever!!

(JUNO, Alaska) — In the days following Gov. Sarah Palin’s appointment as John McCain’s running mate, Americans have grown increasingly concerned about her brand of radical Christianity. A new recording released to the media today by Barack Obama’s campaign, gives definitive proof that Gov. Palin’s pastor, in an emotional tirade, once called on God to “bless” America.

The recording captured at Wasilla Bible Church, the Palin’s home congregation, will doubtless cause discomfort among educated Americans, and raises new questions about Gov. Palin’s worldview.

“It’s provincial, primitive and mythological,” said one unnamed Obama staffer. “Presumably, if she became president, Sarah Palin would invite this fringe religious freak into the White House, where he would have unprecedented access and influence, asking his alleged God to bless the administration, and the nation at large.”

Democrat insiders wondered how Mrs. Palin could have sat under the so-called “Biblical” teaching of this man for years without challenging his pleas for divine favor upon the nation which most intellectuals agree is the world’s leading source of oppression and greenhouse gases. — as reported by satirist Scott Ott / ScrappleFace