It is an understatement to suggest that Sarah Palin has drawn attention away from the Obama campaign and the energy and spectacle of last week’s DNC convention. So much so that even Barack Obama himself felt compelled to hold an impromptu press conference to criticize John McCain a few hours before this evening’s GOP convention coverage.  What’s ironic in addition to  the clear anger and frustration on his face was that he did this on the very evening of McCain’s acceptance speech. Not a smart thing to do in our opinion since it smacks a bit of desperation and fear. Almost an acknowledgment that losing all “his” media attention since the nomination of Sarah Palin one day after the DNC convention ended has pissed him off royally.

Contrast his action to that of the congratulatory classy comments made by John McCain to Barack on being the first black presidential nominee on the evening of Obama’s acceptance speech.  Did the media forget this? What do you think?

The sorry excuse of unbiased “journalism” seems to have missed this faux pas and the lack of simple congratulations and courtesy to a competitor. Why? To criticize Obama is tantamount to heresy at many of the mainstream news desks. But consider this had they been thinking rationally. Obama could have acknowledged the equally history making event of the first female VP candidate on a  GOP ticket.  He could have even referenced Geraldine Ferrarro and made a subtle point of how the Democrats were there first at breaking the VP glass ceiling (although with an unsuccessful outcome, no fault of Ms. Ferraro).  But no…!   Why reciprocate the classy gesture of his opponent?  Instead what does the DNC and his campaign advisers do?   They coach him to get out and try and capture back some media attention the night of McCain’s speech. This encourages spewing forth mindless emotional attacks, without strategy,  from leftist bloggers and thus run the risk of further alienating women in general and the female Clinton supporters. This emotional response, borne out of fear and frustration of losing the spotlight and momentum, will encourage more undecideds to take a new fresh look at the McCain / Palin ticket.  The DNC is also running the risk of losing control of the far left media and bloggers. Frustration may indeed be setting in already at the thought of potentially seeing HIS brass ring slip away.

But we sense something else is changing and last night might have been the start of it. Could there be a shift in the wind within the American idol crazed media? Does the MSM smell a new Cinderella story on the rise that might trump the two year old Obama story? If a groundswell of support of Palin by women takes hold watch the media become paralyzed and conflicted.  The story or the scoop, always seems to always outweigh a fair and balanced approach to covering any candidate, especially when last night’s ratings indicate that 37 million Americans tuned in to hear Sarah Palin present herself to the American people.

Sarah “the Barracuda” was as elegant and as cunning as an arctic fox on how she proceeded to take apart the lack of Obama’s executive experience piece by piece.  She more than held her own. All this while on stage in front of an entire nation with the teleprompter malfunctioning before her eyes. I challenge anyone to say they noticed even the slightest bit of apprehension, panic or nervousness as that teleprompter failed.  She focused and drew from her inner beliefs and the principles that she time after time embraced.  She demonstrated a level of authenticity to the viewing audience that even left wing liberal pundits at MSNBC being forced to admit she will be a real challenge for the Obama / Biden ticket.  Sarah Palin connected with the people, women, men, Republicans and disenfranchised Democrats last night.

After this evening, regardless of the McCain performance the Obama / Biden ticket will need to re-group to formulate a strategy. To attack Palin on experience is hypocritical, since as a Governor she has more executive branch experience than any of the males in the race. (All Senators  live off of their debating skills and are never placed in a position to veto or make unilateral or strategic decisions. Recall that Bill Clinton was a Governor)

She is a pit bull without lipstick alright, and she showed it last evening. We suspect Biden will have his hands full, as she is already winning over the hearts of aspiring women all across this nation.  The game has changed.