This is REAL footage not contrived as a joke! Take a good look middle America, this is part of the liberal left extremist agenda you may be voting for in November. These are the people that would have us all living in caves, eating grass (maybe), and freezing to death during the winter, while making sure we inflate our tires properly. They think nothing about aborting human life but they mourn for dead trees and want to commune with rocks.

Earth First – an extremist eco-group. Do you get the sense that there is something seriously missing in their lives? Like maybe a good psychotherapist for each one of them prescribing an extra strong dose of lithium?

Don’t tell them that maybe this tree in that forest died because it was old, or was struck by lightning. They are already hell bent that what caused its death is our American way of life and all those evil corporations who employ millions of Americans.

Ironically you probably won’t see one tear shed for an aborted human fetus from this sub-culture.

Pagans and druids, dogs and cats living together.  Of such is the Walden Pond utopian fantasy of the neo-liberal extremist secular left.     LOL