ZZ N&S Email Subscription Basics

First we would just like to say:  Thank you for taking the time to register on our site either recently or anytime during our past four years of active publishing!

We thought we would take only a moment and update all of our registered users on our new Subscription Module. Many of you are not aware that we have added a more sophisticated eMail Subscription Feature which allows you to now opt-in or opt-out of eMail notifications from either a single topic category or multiple categories of newly posted articles at ZZ N&S. If you are receiving this eMail you are indeed a registered user and may already be getting eMail notifications but we felt you may prefer knowing about gaining more control over what you receive in your InTray from us here at ZZ N&S.

If for example you are only interested in receiving alerts on our Political Cartoons you can select that sole category from a drop down menu and nothing else.

Important Note! Even though you are a registered user and perhaps receiving eMail notifications already, you may want to go back into this link and thus be more selective to reduce the number of eMails you receive. The choice is always yours.

Instructions (Link Below):

  • You will only need your eMail address since you are already registered
  • You will fill out a form that indicates two choices: Subscribe or Unsubscribe
  • If you are already subscribed you can Subscribe again this time being given a topic selection.
  • The system will then send you a confirmation eMail. When you click on the validation link you will be brought back to the site and a drop down menu will be presented to you with the various categories you may want to subscribe to.
  • You can do this as many times as you like — you can also opt-in or opt-out completely from all categories any time that you like. Change your mind?  No problem just re-enter your eMail. It’s that simple!

Go To the Subscription Engine

We hope you appreciate that we have added this new level of flexibility in order to offer you the most custom experience possible. We respect your InTray!

You can of course also follow posted articles at our RSS FEED: http://feeds.feedburner.com/zz

Some final notes regarding our politics:
Yes, ZZ N&S is often right of center politically (depending on where center is at any given time in our culture at any particular point in time). We in fact do welcome intelligent and respectful discussion regardless of how heated it can become but I must be fair in telling you that we do draw the line at hateful over the top personal attacks.

We also make an effort to publish articles that are helpful to new bloggers, authors and writers assisting them in increasing their site traffic and occasionally we will share technical articles of interest as well as other site enhancement services at our sister sites.  Those posts are listed in our General category. In fact we are always looking for new authors who might be interested in cross posting articles with links back to their sites who are focused in some areas outside of politics. If you have an interest let us know. We would be happy to set up you as an author or moderator for a particular category.

— ZZ and Staff Authors