Don’t expect the media to give the Bush administration any credit for having the faith in the Iraqi people that they might one day establish some sense of a democratic form of government and govern themselves once again as a proud nation in the world community. Naysayers who constantly forecasted gloom will never run this story or provide any credit to “The Surge” for facilitating this level of stability in Iraq.

Will there continue to be bombings and attacks on the Iraqi establishment? Sure, the bad guys will now want to topple the fragile government very badly. Especially if Obama pulls U.S. troops out pre-maturely against the advice of his military commanders.

Iraq may now be finally a point where its own military can take over policing their country from the likes of Al-Qaeda. Because of this an aggressive withdrawal will be tempting.  Obama would be a fool to do so — he does want to get re-elected in 2012.  So, to the dismay of the radical left, we believe he is much too smart to totally ignore Pentagon advisers.  He knows if he botches this, any resultant catastrophe within Iraq will be on his hands and now, on his watch!

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq held a provincial election on Saturday without a major attack in the country, a sign that years of sectarian slaughter and insurgency may truly be fading into the past and greater security is taking hold.

However, the fact the election had to take place behind barbed wire and that four provinces did not participate were a reminder that Iraq is still a long way from joining the ranks of stable democracies.

In addition, the true test of Iraq’s increasing stability is not so much that a relatively peaceful election took place but whether the losers will quietly hand over power and patronage to the winners, analysts said.

“Fear, intimidation and the exclusion of four governorates including Kirkuk are stark reminders that normalcy has not returned to Iraq,” said Hans von Sponeck, a former U.N. coordinator for Iraq. “Election results should be judged with this in mind.”

Preliminary results may not be issued for three to five days and final results not for a month.  — [Hat Tip: Reuters / India]