Hamas seems to be on a one way course to self destruction, bringing the Palestinian people “living” in Gaza along with them. Now that Israel has withdrawn their troops they are going back to their old ways of thumbing their noses at the West, Israel and the Moderate Arab states that live along side them.  It’s clear that moderate Arab leaders would welcome some degree of moderation on the part of Hamas and some effort to co-exist with their neighbor Israel. If for no other reason than for the sake of the Palestinian people themselves and to keep them from more direct intervention. Hamas however seems hell bent on preventing moderation regardless of the cost to their people rejecting requests from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of the West Bank to meet Egypt and the Moderate Arab States half way…

Yet Hamas has rebuffed proposals that it set up a unity government with its moderate West Bank rivals, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It is also cool to demands that Abbas’ troops or foreign border monitors be deployed to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza…. (AP)

Clearly moderate Arab neighbors have a responsibility to talk some sense into Hamas. If they say they are “In Control” now then they are then also responsible for the outcome of moderating talks with Israel for the good of their people.

“…We are in control and we are the winner,” Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri declared this week, after attending the funeral of four Hamas gunmen.

But Israeli strikes destroyed all of Hamas’ security compounds and most government buildings. Its top two leaders, strongman Mahmoud Zahar and Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, have not yet appeared in public… (AP)

More and more the ball seems to be in the court of neighboring Arab states with the new Obama adminsitration playing a yet to be well understood role in the Middle East peace process.

The one region where Israel is arguably not more isolated is the Middle East. Israel’s push for Arab recognition suffered a setback when Mauritania and Qatar severed relations, but four Arab summits have reached no consensus on how to respond to Gaza. Major states, led by Jordan and Egypt, want to lend no comfort to their Persian rival, Iran, the backer of Hamas. Moreover, Hamas has not emerged as a plucky hero to the Arab world, the way Hizbullah did in 2006. When the fighting quieted last week, Hamas held a “victory” parade in Gaza City, and it fizzled. Newsweek

The Palestinian conflict will be resolved when Moderate Arab Nations step up to the plate and take greater control of Hamas for the sake of the Palestinian people to eventually allow time, at least three generations of Palestinians and Israelis, to eventually learn to work and live together in a more peaceful mutually beneficial relationship. The current radicalized approach from Hamas, and crushing responses from Israel are making that long term possibility highly improbable. The current course of action is on a path to only one unacceptable outcome… massive increases human death and tragedy for both sides.