How disturbing is this video taken in London on January 10th? Radical Islamic mouthpiece Azzam Tamimi joins with British MP George Galloway in a profoundly hateful speech to a large crowd that screams its support for Hamas. (– hattip LGF ) Tamimi is blaming the U.S. President Bush, Western Europeans, President Mubarak of Egypt, and the Saudi Royal Family for the woes in Gaza.  Never once blaming their own power crazed self destructive leadership, and their perpetual rejection of Israel as a sovereign nation and its right to exist.

Still beating up on Bush – sort of getting old now.  We do suspect that with only 7 days to go before his inauguration, Obama will also be thrown under the bus on day 1 of his presidency by Hamas. The Hamas objective is quite simple. The complete and total destruction of Israel as a sovereign nation. (Although Mr. Tamini says the conflict is not between muslims and jews. lol)