If this don’t beat all. Here is an editorial in the Opinionator section of the New York Times from Eric Etheridge who maintains fundamentally that the present Congress leans too far to the Right and is TOO conservative!! Should anyone be surprised considering the source?

The Blue Dogs have been hogging the health care spotlight for the last week. Now they’re having to share with it with the Senate Finance Committee chairman, Max Baucus, and the rest of his small troupe.

The Gang of Six — Baucus and five committee colleagues — got their picture in The Times today, a snappily annotated photograph of a recent meeting. The six senators gather twice daily, according to the accompanying article, in hopes of hammering out a “bipartisan deal” on health care reform.

Though their efforts are ongoing, significant details of of their emerging agreement are now circulating. So far, says Brien Beutler at TPMDC, the gang’s plan seems to be one that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce can support. In a recent letter, the Chamber reminded the negotiators that it opposes any “new government-run insurance plan” as well an “any mandate” on employers to provide insurance to workers or pay a tax. “That’s basically the plan Max Baucus’ Senate Finance Committee is set to propose,” writes Beutler.

The synchronicity between the Chamber and Gang plans should not be surprising, says Ezra Klein at The Washington Post. All you have to do is look at the Gang’s group portrait in The Times.

Look at this picture. Study it. This is who is in the room helping Baucus put together his bill. Olympia Snowe, Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley, Jeff Bingaman and Kent Conrad. In a Senate of 60 Democrats and 40 Republicans, the health care reform bill is being written by three centrist Democrats, one centrist Republican, and two conservative Republicans. And until last week, Orrin Hatch was in the room, too.

For Matt Yglesias, this lineup represents a structural problem that he is wont to harp on, the shortage of direct democracy in our current system… Read More — NYT

It seems clear that main stream media outlets like the New York Times are growing impatient with the Congressional leadership. The mutual agenda of driving out of America all vestiges of moderation and conservativism is not being driven fast enough by the “Browshirts” of the new left.  The very people who espouse freedom of speech, and first amendment rights are the first to seek the elimination of those rights from anoyone who does not agree with their point of view.  I hate to break it to this author, but all business on the hill is conducted in sub committes.  The idea of bipartian subcommittee should be welcomed in a free democracy not vilified !   The entier body of the House and Senate get to cast their vote on a bill.  Hopefull they all read it, but that is doubtful. (See post about “Page 425 of the House Healthcare Bill“)