PRODUCT REVIEW:  WordPress Wizard 2.0

Audience:  Current Members with WordPress Sites

We have seen countless articles, books, manuals, and videos over the years on how to make money blogging. Most of these are fragmented in nature. We have also pointed out to our readers that “content is king” and that patience is a virtue when it comes to monetizing your website. Our site for instance has been active since 2003, 6 years and we have learned how to not only cover our server costs, but also generate a modest revenue stream to reinvest in our site, other products and generate additional services for our readers and customers.

This past week I had a chance to review, WordPress Wizard 2.0 program , developed by Max Blog Press, is one of the more comprehensive approaches for generating revenue from a WordPress based website I have seen in our 6 years of on-line publishing.  Their site contains an excellent video to help you understand their program. The program itself consists of over 50 step by step videos that demonstrate HOW to use all the common tools out there — not just “conceptually how”.  It’s not free of course, but if you are serious about generating income with your site, and/or have formed a business in your state related to eCommerce from your website, an investment of under $100 for one of the best step by step programs we’ve seen is a super bargin. Especially when compared to prevailing formal commercial B2B internet marketing and consulting fees.  Its like the LegalZoom of the top SEO eCommerce consultants.  We use just about every one of these marketing tools today on our site, and in fact learned about a few more that we haven’t even considered!

While the landing page itself may seem a bit over marketed, the materials and approach on the other hand are very sound.

If you are serious about generating revenue on line, and have a WordPress based website, or thinking about setting one up, then you will want to at least review what their product is all about.  We recommend you check it out. The rest is up to you !!

Here are just some of the areas that recommend you take a look at…

  • Internet Marketing Basics
  • Making Money from Blogs
  • Basic WordPress Tutorials
  • SEO and Link Building
  • Advanced WordPress Tutorials
  • RSS to Email Marketing

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