There is a buzz that Harry Reid will try to ram the Health Care Bill through the Senate on Christmas Eve in an effort to get something, anything passed. Parliamentary procedures have also been violated today when motion to read the bill was by-passed by Harry Reid in an effort to ram the bill through the Senate before Christmas recess. He is really expecting Senators to vote on a bill without having time to read it! Many Democrats are smart enough to say NO to such an insane idea.

Moderate Democrats are also becoming more outraged at the tactics being taken by the far left in their party behind closed doors. Nancy Pelosi has also adjourned the House of Representatives until January of next year.

The President’s reaction? President Obama is reported to having said that America will go bankrupt if the Health Care Bill is not passed! This is one of the most deseperate irresponsible statements yet from the President. The impact that such a comment might have on the U.S. Dollar is likely to be impacted as a result of a shoot from the hip remark like that. The fact of the matter is that its the recent spend spend spend and borrow borrow borrow actions of the Congress and the Administration which are in fact the actions that is pushing the country even further into debt.

Rather than take practical steps like TORT REFORM (ending frivolous lawsuits which everyone knows drives costs up) this Congress is hell bent on turning our entire health care system into a socialized welfare program despite the vast disapproval of the American people. Most Americans (Rasmussen poll today) think that more effort should be focused on rising employment than Health Care. They are hell bent on driving a square peg into a round hell simply to drive a political agenda thumbing their noses at the American people in the process.

It is becoming very clear to moderate Americans that Obama is bitting off way more that our country can handle at a time when our economy can least afford it. A reflection of his lack of real executive leadership experience perhaps. A stronger leader would have cut his losses on Health Care if for nothing else to keep his own party from melting down!