We have been remiss on keeping up with the news lately.  I have been on sabbatical so to speak starting up a new company to help out the small business community locally.  In particular the contracting trade that has been hit hard by the recession. These folks, upon which most home owners depend for remodeling and home maintenance, are getting crushed right now.

I spoke to one contractor and he said he has not seen it this bad in the 20 years he has been doing residential remodeling in the Florida area.  The same story all across the nation… in fact probably world wide.

We will continue to post news here and political commentary, but I am also planning to set up a new look and feel for the site which has been active (up until rather recently) for more than 7 years.  We plan to occasionally give some air time to the plight of the very small business owners who are struggling right now under the weight of the State and Federal tax structure and of course the number of workers who are losing their jobs while the White House and Congress insist in driving a square peg into a round healthcare hole.

Look forward to getting back in the saddle again. I would like to thank a number for contributing authors for submitting posts during my absence from the scene…    ZZ Bachman