We find it very interesting that the mainstream media outlets, particularly those which are in bed with a “progressive” agenda ( you know who they are ) finds the recent backlash on the Democrats who flipped their votes so abhorrent, while not a peep was heard about from these same outlets when the same congressional representatives were receiving similar threats from the far left for holding out on flipping their votes for the health care bill. Should we be surprised?

Rep. Bart Stupack had complained to the very same media that his life had become hell for him and his family as a result of the threats from the progressive left to change his vote. The media did not seem to care… why? Because at that time Stupack was looked at as an enemy to the greater agenda of passing a bill at whatever cost.

The hypocrisy is flat out blatant now when the vitriol flows from the other side. The same media outlets in their blatant hypocrisy, waste no time to vilify all Republicans for the acts of a few. However these same neanderthals are quick to dismiss, or consider comedy, similar acts when they are launched against conservatives by people and organizations they know support the progressive agenda. It’s clear for all to see… just switch from MSNBC to CNN then to FOX when the same story is breaking.

Flash for the progressive far left!!   The American people are not stupid.  Neither are moderate Democrats that did not sign up for this brand of politics when they voted for Obama.  We see the biased hypocrisy for what it is.  A political game where the once radical left hippies of the 60’s are now wrenching power away from even Moderate Democrats and will attempt to blame Republicans for every act of stupidity and hatred directed at Washington.  Now they are the new “man”, the new corrupt central authority,  hell bent on even re-writing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights if  given half the chance. Don’t play into their game! You can find any number of photos and graphics of GW Bush with target cross hairs placed on his photos when he called for the surge in Iraq.

This author remembers because he lived through the protests of the 60’s, the Chicago Democratic Convention, the SDS, the Weathermen groups and the backlash moderate America mounted against long haired political activists.  Here we are 50 years later and the roles have been reversed!    DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES THAT THE RADICAL LEFT MADE DURING THE 60’s !! Those in power now know exactingly how to play violent actions against you – some of them were SDS and Weather Underground sympathizers or even members.  This issue is particularly important for a grass root movement like the Tea Party… TAKE THE HIGH ROAD and don’t play into their game because they have the state run media currently wrapped around their little fingers.  It wasn’t this way back then… but it is so now.  VOTE THEM OUT ALL OUT OF OFFICE….  Don’t become a far right radical and alienate the majority of America !!