This is a seemingly simple question with what was once an obvious answer. Congress represents the will of the people of course! Senators and House Members reflect the will of the people of their constituencies. Most high schoolers will explain this one of the key principles  and basis for the Separation of Powers that keeps the checks and balances between the 3 branches of government in check.  Preventing any one branch from dominating the will of the people. This basic principle seems lost this past year with the President practically COMMANDING that Congress do his bidding.  Well not so fast.   Seems like most Americans have not forgotten their history and civics classes so quickly that they don’t see what is going on under this administration.

Obama would now have his own Democrats turn their backs on the very voices of the people who voted them into office. Why? All in the name of his insatiable ego and pride of passing any kind of a Health Care bill, even a severely flawed one rip, shit or bust!  He apparently has no shame or concern even for the ethics of the members of his own party let alone any effort to respect the will of the vast majority of people in this country that wants them to slow down and make changes incrementally that make sense. (See any of the recent polls showing over 75% Americans are opposed to ramming this bill down their throats.) The back room promises are being made hot and heavy to the House Representatives this week.  That “trust me” the Senate will make the changes you want to the bill later just please vote for the bill as is even if you don’t like it.  We will fix it later… Trust me… says Obama.

This White House seems to have one insatiable agenda… to change the fundamental economic foundation of America and shift it from a free enterprise system to a system of strong centralized government power with strong socialistic big brother policy making overtones.  A system closely predicated on what were once considered flawed pseudo-Marxist and socialist economic principles but of course those words will never be used from the Presidential podium.

If Democrats have any common sense at all, they WON’T take a fall for this President, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and other radical progressives who are all turning a deaf ear on the people of America. Moderate Democrats will be left out to hang by this administration.  The elitism in Obama truly believes he knows what’s best for all of us and that we are all too ignorant to make our own decisions and we need the U.S. Government to run our lives for us.

My prediction is that individual rights and liberties, the fundamental basis for social freedom, will become even more eroded with the appetite for passing more central government controls running rampant as the white stars and stripes begin to seem more like yellow stars on a red background.