Global warming has been a talked about topic for several years now . One side of the argument claims that there is not enough to being done to fight the heating of the earth , while the other side claims that global warming does not exist at all . No matter which side you are on , it can at least be agreed upon that there has been a niche forming in developing new ways, thoughts and ideas how to fight  the heating of the earth  . One of the  newest  talked about ways to fight global warming is geoengineering.

From the name itself, geoengineering may sound  like its straight out of a sci-fi movie  , but all it actually refers to is slowing down the increasing temperature of the earth. It is  believed  that if we can slow down the process in which the earth heats up, that plausible disasters that would be caused by global warming would be prevented .

One of the greatest potential disasters that could be caused by global warming  is the melting of the Arctic Permafrost. If the permafrost continues to melt as some have claimed that it has, then every area of the world would be prone to severe flooding and catastrophic consequences.

As of right now, there are two ideas floating around that relates to how we would stop the earth from heating more than it already has:

· The first option would be to block or limit the amount of sunlight that it hitting the earth. This could be done by cloud brightening, which is the process of making more clouds.

· The second option is to remove massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Currently , it is thought that cloud blocking would be the better option of the two because there are already methods to create more clouds and due to the fact that it would render quicker results than removing large quantities of carbon dioxide. These are just two niche areas that are being looked at in order to stop or limit global warming.