As the case may be with what you regard to be science, trying to understand the stars might be the oldest science that is known – since the beginning of mankind people have been looking up to the sky and trying to make sense of it. Since then great achievements have revolutionized the science and at present we know very much about our universe. The rising speed of technological progress in modern times and the computing power in the hand of the average joe have brought the science into our homes.

Today we know a lot about the universe and space and it’s objects (for example Supernovae).

Imagine – it is much easier to get to know the science of astronomy for everyone. You don’t need to be a scientist yourself to have the possibility of watching the stars in close up images. There are a lot of very good software projects and relatively cheap beginners telescopes that enable everyone to deepen the knowledge about our universe (e.g. Which telescope is best for beginners. Many of tose resources are very affordable and quite a lot software products are even available for free.

But even if you are not interested in the science behind it, there is so much beauty in some of those pictures. The structures and colors seen on those pictures fascinate almost anyone who is confronted with them for the first time. Some of the best photographs can be found here: Pictures of earth from space

Discover the the variety of astronomy, which is both – a science and a hobby. Like in art you can watch pictures or you can use it to train your brain with the math behind it.