Nintendo DS homebrew in truth got noticed and respected with the release of the   r4 Card for the Nintendo DS and now the DSi. Many of the games are absolutely fantastic and there are thousands of actual applications that make your NDS into something that is just so much more . The amazing thing is, the games and applications that are released are made by homebrew game makers and game players likewise and are made available to download absolutely free from the internet. All you’ll need is an R4 Card and your DS or DSi console to download and play these games and applications .

Okay, you’re thinking, just what kinds of games and applications are available for your R4 DS Card ?  To be perfectly honest there’s quite a variety of games available .  I have to say that my absolutely favorite game of the month right now for my R4 Card is the old school game Lemmings.  Lemmings DS that is, for the Nintendo DS and DSi.  Created by an R4 Card owner and amateur programmer . The quality of the game is honestly at par with many of the official and commerically released games for the DS and DSi.  And that’s what makes it so amazing .  While lemmings ds did end up being ported over to other computer systems , even the Sony PSP has a version,  the Nintendo DS really seems like the more worthy format for this game, if only because of the dual screen and the ability to use the touch controls. 

While the game is great on the Sony PSP, navigating the menus and different tools or options is rather gruelling with a control pad.  The NDS version of Lemmings really shines becasue of the touch play – making selecting tools and options a breeze, just as it would be with your mouse on your computer. 

It is because these homebrew games are of such high quality that people are flocking to the R4 Card and taking advantage of what it has to offer in terms of homebrew gaming and also, developing your own Nintendo DS homebrew games.

Lemmings originally was released as a computer game. First for the Amiga 500 and then afterward it was ported over to the commodore 64 as well as the PC. Truly one of the best old school classic action / strategy / puzzle game to come along at that time. So popular in fact that it was also release for the Super Nintendo too. And now – thanks to the hard work and devotion of of some amateur game programmers, you can enjoy it on your Nintendo DS or DSi with an R4i SDHC Card.

In Lemmings, your job is to save these doomed and hopeless Lemmings by taking them from their cave or cavern and getting them to the exit. This is done by way of digging, blowing things up, climbing, and building bridges. There are loads of tools at your disposal, and in some extremely funny cases, you may have to sacrifice a Lemming or two as you try to dig or climb your way to the exit on the screen.

Puzzle game lovers as well as strategy game fanatics will love this game because it’s a great mix between many game genres .  It is a mashup of strategy playing, puzzle solving and add to that the frantic action elements as well .  Lemminds DS will definitely keep you wanting to play it again and again .  And guess what?   With this DS version, you can enjoy every single level in every single version of the game all included .  While you may dismiss this game as just mindless fun, I can personally guarantee that you’ll need plenty of strategic thinking and skills to move forward to each new level .   You have to plan just how you’ll get past the barries to get your lemmings to the exit – and keeping enough of them alive and well to ensure that you progress to the next level.

The R4 Card version of Lemmings for the DS really is how the game was meant to be played.  Unless of course you still have your Amiga 500 and can load Lemmings on that.   The ability to take advantage of the dual screen and touc screen to control and navigate the Lemmings to their rescue and exit point is exactly how the game was meant to be played.  I still look at this game and find it amazing that the wonderful programmers behind it expect no payment.  They release games of this quality for the sheer joy of making the game.