Looking For a Perfect Software Uninstaller Utility ?

Going nuts trying to remove software from your PC?  Removing problem software applications from your PC can be a very frustrating experience.  We have found several websites and software products which are dedicated to assisting folks on how to properly uninstall software that is very difficult to uninstall properly. Two have free or trial versions that do a great job. Some have a premium or pro level that does deeper cleaning for really difficult to remove complex software.

At the end of this post there are a few links you might want to refer to if you are having trouble uninstalling or removing any of the following very complex applications:  Adobe Software, McAfee Anti Virus, AOL Toolbar, AVG Anti-Virus, Norton 2006/2007, Avast!, AVG, ESET NOD32, Internet Explorer 8, OovoO, McAfee, Microsoft Office, Nero, Sims 3, iTunes, Norton Security, and many others that are also difficult to remove.  This type of specialized software removal utility is just simply good to have set up as a “desktop icon”, always available to you, because it removes software so much better and more thoroughly than the Add / Remove Applications utility found in your Windows Control Panel.

The reason special software uninstallers are sometimes needed is that the more complex the software is, the more difficult it becomes to remove due to the registry key entries that the Add / Remove program often leaves behind. Trying to figure out how to fix this can make you go completely nuts, and in the process, if you don’t know what you are doing really mess up your PC!

The links below are to a few excellent, well known, and highly recommended software products reviewed both here and around the internet that can help keep you from spending hours of research on Google trying to find out exactly why you can’t remove any particular application from your Add / Remove area in your Control Panel.  Perfect Uninstaller for instance is one of the more popular and more widely used utilities on the web to remove problem software.  All three of these sites assist in removing problematic software.  You can decide for yourself on their websites.

The products and their websites focus on only  PCs running Windows software only, not MAC or Apple. We will be searching for and evaluating other websites and products that can assist our readers with Apple based computers in a future article.

  • Perfect Uninstaller – Probably the most popular free software removal utility – however you may need their deep registry cleaning upgrade
  • Revo Uninstaller – They have a free trial version of the Pro version which is excellent and works great.
  • Uninstall My Software – Has a growing number of how to articles to remove problem software using a combination of utilities mentioned in this article.
  • How To Uninstall iTunes – Website that contains special step by step instructions specifically on how to remove itunes software which is often extremely difficult to remove and reinstall properly. They also have added some very good reviews on alternatives to iTunes software as well.

These sites all recommend various uninstaller software programs to assist you — some have a Free Demo that often works without an upgrade or a Trial Version that will uninstall software for both simple and complex removals. For instance How To Uninstall iTunes is a website focused on helping people removing iTunes and/or installing iTunes after proper removal. If you are going nuts with iTunes re-installation problems, we recommend you take a look.

Clean Me Up Scotty!!
Sometimes PC registries get so messed up that you have to clean them or you can’t even use Add/Remove properly.  Even after using a special uninstaller program you might still need to clean up your registry if the uninstaller did not have an automatic registry cleaner built into it.  If you have severe pre-existing PC registry problems, and you don’t know it, you may have to run a good registry repair tool like RegCure first. You can find RegCure and many other top free PC optimizer software, tools, uninstallers and utilities over at Rockbridge Downloads in their Freeware Section available for immediate download. We recommend RegCure if you have severe registry problems like DLL conflicts, access violations and exception errors! It works great!  This software should be used after uninstalling any software using your Add / Remove Applications program in your Control Panel.

Good luck…

P.S. we don’t recommend that you try and fix your PC registry manually by hand. Use a good automated registry cleaner like those mentioned in this article unless you know exactly what you are doing! Messing with your PC registry is a sure way to crash your entire PC’s windows operating system and end up with a dreaded permanent visit from the “blue screen of death” !